Is Bormo Shampoo a good choice?

“Why should I choose Bormo's hair care products? In the supermarket I can find them for just a few euros that also do their job.” It's a comment we get sometimes. Maybe you're wondering too. If so, read on quickly.

Yes, it's true: Bormo's artisanally made hair care products come with a price tag. For example, if you compare the price of Bormo Shampoo with the prices of a shampoo from the supermarket, you may think that the price of Bormo Shampoo has been pulled by the hair.

But it is not true that you are better off with a cheap shampoo from the supermarket.

I'm Lieve and since 2022 I've been the face behind Bormo and Rhytmic Energy. I took over the company because I believed in the products, including the Bormo Shampoo. Just like the other products, Bormo Shampoo also has the energetic power of plants as its basis. It is a pure product without preservatives or chemical junk. I know that, because I now produce the Bormo Shampoo myself according to the formula and familiar approach that I learned from Ludwig Borms.

Bormo Shampoo is made artisanally where I personally monitor every ingredient and every link in the process.
From my background as a herbalist, I rely on natural ingredients such as essential oils. Many supermarket shampoos contain synthetic ingredients that are not only less powerful but can even damage your hair and scalp because they are too harsh. Especially if you have sensitive skin, avoid those aggressive shampoos as much as possible.

Choosing the power of plants and herbs to care for your hair also has an advantage. The Bormo Shampoo is concentrated so you only need a little. That means that you last a long time with a bottle.

Many people who use Bormo Shampoo are enthusiastic about the results and recommend the shampoo to others. This word of mouth ensures that Bormo Shampoo sells itself without the need for major advertising campaigns.

Do you want to continue to choose a cheap shampoo that is on sale in a supermarket, or do you want a powerful, natural shampoo that people who already use say they never want anything else?

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