How many unnecessary products are there in your bathroom and pantry?

Most people have products at home that don't do what they promise. The result is that…

… your cupboards are stacked with bottles, jars and products
… you need something different for every other problem or application
… you no longer believe what manufacturers promise on their glitzy packaging

Good care and maintenance products work. You don't need them in large quantities or in endless variations. Discover Bormo: a top Belgian brand with plant-based cosmetics and hygiene products that have been doing what they promise - and more - for more than seventy years.

Discover the full Bormo range

BORMO TOPPERS That make your life easier

There are 3 ways to get to know the benefits of Bormo. Which one suits you?

Option 1: Read the stories of satisfied Bormo users

​Would you like to hear from a reliable source for which applications Bormo is suitable? Find out which Bormo products sell best and why.
hese customers give their honest and frank opinion so that you can decide whether Bormo is also a good choice for you and your family.

Straight to the user experiences

Option 2: Go to your nearest distribution point

Do you want to see and smell the Bormo products yourself and hear from someone you trust what they can do? Click here to find your nearest distribution point (natural store, bioshop, therapist, health institute...).

Option 3: Distribute Bormo in your store, practice or institute

Are you a therapist or an operator of a health institute or business that offers naturally responsible products? Would you like to present the solid Belgian quality brand Bormo as an extra asset to your customers? At Rhytmic Energy BV we work together with partners who distribute the Bormo products.
Get in touch to know the possibilities. 

Do like many hundreds of other private individuals and professionals at home and abroad and choose very consciously for the many benefits of Bormo for yourself, your family and your environment.

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Discover what plants and herbs can do for you

What is Bormo's secret? The vitality of the selected plants and herbs. The entire Bormo range is traditionally manufactured in Belgium and has a powerful energetic effect.

Bormo is not a one-hit wonder that surfs on some hype.
Bormo products have been on the market for over 70 years. They are the fruit of years of thorough study and fieldwork by Ludwig Bormo. philosophy

As the driving force behind Bormo, Ludwig Borms made it a point of honor to use only pure raw materials and to leave the vital forces of the plants intact without preservatives or techniques. They are still made that way.

The result?

Pure, biodynamic, energetic and powerful products. Many hundreds of private users from home and abroad are enthusiastic. Therapists and owners of organic shops who distribute the Bormo line are also full of praise.

But judge for yourself. Try out the Bormo products and let the effect speak for itself.
We bet you too will say: "Why didn't I know Bormo much earlier?"