For fifteen years, Brigitte Persyn was the face of De Papaver in Ypres. She has always done that with heart and soul. She also felt that love for the profession with Ludwig Borms and Bormo. “The products are very good. Certainly the Bormo Miracle Ointment. We can't live without it at home. Everyone should have a jar like this at home,” she says convinced.

In small, rural Zandvoorde, Brigitte Persyn developed an interest in organic food. In 1989 she started a herbal practice from her home: 'Herbs Brigitte'. Her background as a pharmacy assistant and her social attitude made her long for a location with more traffic. That is how she ended up in the Sint-Jacobsstraat in Ypres. In 2007, she opened organic store De Papaver in a building that used to house a clothing store. She operated it until April 2022.

Ludwig Borms
The Poppy was a resounding success right from the start. After the first advertising campaign, word of mouth did the rest. Suppliers also came forward spontaneously.
“I soon came into contact with Ludwig Borms”, Brigitte recalls. “He came to introduce his Bormo line himself. He was a 'self-made' man who did everything himself - from the production to the sale of his Bormo range. I must honestly say that I was not immediately convinced because at that time many representatives came across the floor with jars and they all claimed that their product was the best. I immediately saw that Ludwig Borms was an honest man, but I was skeptical because it was so expensive. People must be willing to pay for it. That's why I had to be able to stand behind it myself. The promises must be kept.”

Like sweet rolls
She decided to sell the Bormo line in De Papaver and soon realized: “These are top products.” The Bormo Miracle Ointment in particular went over the counter like hot cakes”, says Brigitte Persyn, who believes that the ointment has not stolen its name. “It is a real miracle product, an energetic ointment: that is, it gives energy where it is applied. With that ointment you can kill 95 flies out of 100.
I sold Bormo Wonder for all purposes: energetic massage, day and night cream, dry lips, irritated skin, nail care, diaper rash, painful bedsores, to prevent stretch marks and chapping during breastfeeding, calluses, burns, difficult blood circulation and heavy legs…”

Satisfied users
She still remembers the customers she was able to help with Bormo Wonder. “I am now thinking of bricklayers,” says Brigitte. “Bormo Wonder is very good for their chilblains and fissures. I advised them to wash their hands with warm water first so that the fissures open. Then rub in with Borm Wonder. That works very well.
I have also achieved great results with clients who had problems with their bowel movements, with hemorrhoids or 'the teat' as it is popularly called. Bormo Wonder also works very well in psoriasis patients. Thanks to Bormo Wonder, they can leave their arms and legs bare in the summer without feeling watched.

Four jars  at home
“Yes, it is a serious investment but well worth the money. I use it myself. I have at least four pots at home,” says Brigitte. “Everyone who uses Bormo Wonder is happy with it, but you have to convince people to try it first. I remember a man from Sint-Eloois-Winkel who was very sceptical. He bought one jar anyway. Every subsequent time he came to De Papaver, he took two jars with him. “I can't live without it anymore,” he said. It's true. Once you have that, you don't need anything else. That is why I sometimes compare it to royal j

Customer loyalty
Bormo Wonder sells itself. “Even without Bormo having a prominent place in the store, I sold it well. When customers brought up a problem that I knew Bormoz ointment could help with, I recommended it. Why search further? It is a very good and pure product. People buy it again and again. This ensures customer loyalty and word-of-mouth advertising. And it's a good gift idea.”


Energetic water

Brigitte has also always been a fan of Bormo Hygiene. “That is also a versatile product. Everyone is satisfied with it. You can wash yourself with it, you can use it for the dishes, to wash the car, for the washing machine, to scrub the floor, in the bath water... You can collect the bath water and use it for cleaning because it is energetic water . It would be a shame to throw it away because 'ordinary' water cannot compete with water with Bormo Hygiene.”

Hair care
The trio Bormo Shampoo, Bormo Hair Shine and Bormo Hair Balm can also count on Brigitte's approval. “You know what's really good? If you want gel in your hair, take the Hair shine and rub it into your hair so that it doesn't dry out," she adds as a tip.

Heart for the business 
Even though she is no longer in the store, Brigitte De Papaver remains affectionate. She remains proud of her own line of nutritional supplements. She developed and launched it in collaboration with a lab. The 62 Poppy supplements are certified, approved and will continue to be part of the retail offer after the takeover. The business is now run by Patrick Demets and Brigitte's daughter Delphine is part of the Papaver Bio team.
Bormo also came into new hands in 2022. “Ludwig Borms exudes solidity. He is classy and approachable. If I had a question, I could always call him. It is good that he has found a buyer in Lieve Capoen who leads the company from the same vision, because Bormo must not disappear,” says Brigitte

Customer testimonial Patrick Demets (De Papaver Bio in Ypres)

“We believe in the products and people feel it”

Personal coach Patrick Demets has been at the helm of De Papaver Bio, the health shop in Ypres, since April 2022. “The trick is to place the best products in the store. Bormo's products are an absolute part of that," says the manager

Lifestyle, health and vitality are very important to Patrick Demets. As a coach, he helps people to become more balanced and to develop into the people they really are. He does this in his Inspire Forward practice, but also in De Papaver Bio, the Ypres business that he took over in April 2022. “De Papaver used to stand for supplements and natural food. Now the emphasis is on health – both physical and mental. As a health store, I want to make people aware that eating healthy is important and that you can do a lot yourself to support your health.”

“Offer I support”
The 300m2 large store has an assortment of organic and natural food, gluten and lactose-free food, herbs, tea, infusions, an extensive line of nutritional supplements with its own line of top nutritional supplements, slimming and sports nutrition, products for body care... is big. The number of suppliers too. The trick is to always choose the best products from each supplier. For Bormo it was simple: we have the full range because I fully support it,” says Patrick Demets

​“Brand that exudes confidence 
Patrick got to know Bormo through Brigitte Persyn from whom he took over the business. “I was immediately intrigued by the logo,” he says. “It reminded me of the Celts and monks, of something spiritual, of masters… I contacted Ludwig Borms when I took over the business. I told what my intention was with the case. He felt me ​​and came across as very calming. That created confidence. The fact that Bormo can already count on a loyal customer base here in Ypres also reassured me. I am now a loyal user of Bormo products.”

​Energetic effect
During our conversation, the manager of De Papaver Bio sprays some Morgenrood in the room where we are sitting. “For the good energy,” he nods. “Because Morgenrood is much more than a perfume. It really has an energetic effect - just like the other products. You feel like a different person. Like the other Bormo products, you don't need much to feel the effect.”

Bormo Hygiëne
Patrick Demets also experiences this effect with Bormo Hygiene, which he uses every day. “I use the Morgenrood perfume and Bormo Shampoo daily, just like the Bormo Hygiene. It is very economical in use. I use it both as a soap in the shower and in my bath water. The product foams and works very strongly. If I have a tiring day, I take a warm bath with Bormo Hygiene. I immediately feel like a different person. It also works beneficially. A while back I was struggling with my back. So every evening I took a shower with Bormo Hygiene. Soon I was better – because of the heat and the energetic water.”

​“Superb results”
The products from the Bormo line are not cheap, but that is no problem, notes Patrick Demets. “People buy it because they get great results with it. Recently, an 80-year-old man came into the store who could no longer tolerate any soap. Everything itched. I introduced him to Bormo Hygiene. At first he looked suspiciously at the price tag, but then took a bottle with him anyway. A month later he came back to buy two new ones…”

​“Our enthusiasm convinces”
Not everyone remembers the brand name 'Bormo', but they do remember what the products do. “Sometimes people come here and say: 'I'm here for a game. I don't know what it's called, but it's special.' Then they're looking for Bormo Wonder”, Patrick smiles.
He believes in the products. “It is our own conviction that it works and our enthusiasm that ensure sales. The people feel that. It is an energetic product. When I speak about it I stand in my power because it is good. It is true that there is not much information on the products, but people do not ask about the composition. That says enough, doesn't it?"
Good contact

Patrick also advises people to call the manufacturer directly for further advice. The number on the packaging is that of Ludwig Borms and is forwarded to Lieve Capoen's telephone. Patrick Demets is also doing well with the new distributor. “When a representative enters De Papaver Bio, I immediately feel whether things are going well or not. At Bormo, the feeling is good.”

​Positive reactions
“At the time I decided to take over this business in order to be able to help people even better and in a more targeted way. Our hobbyhorse is our own line of 62 nutritional supplements that are professionally certified and approved. De Papaver Bio is not just an organic store. We really want to make a difference. The many positive reactions from the customers show that we are on the right track and we still have many plans. And yes: Bormo remains a fixed value”, Patrick Demets concludes.

<Customer testimonial Lorry Focquaert (Vitae Sanae in Slijpe)>

“I have been behind Bormo for more than 20 years”

​“I am a Bormo fan,” says Lorry Focquaert of Vitae Sanae in Slype. “And because I believe in the products myself, I can also recommend them to my customers. It's not hard to convince people. Bormo stands for powerful products that work”.

The reviews on Google and social media about Vitae Sanae in Slype are positive: “Unique business in its genre”, “The products are top notch and Lorry knows what to do” and “Everything is worth its money”.
Inge describes the manager of Vitae Sanae as follows: "Smooth, friendly lady who immediately knew what I needed and what I would be helped with."
Lorry Focquaert smiles. That is exactly what she wants with her natural food store and herbalist. “I have had my shop since 2000. After I had retrained as a herbalist, psychotherapist and followed many additional courses, I wanted to help people with a natural approach.”

Regular customers and casual passers-by
Her shop's clientele is diverse. The store is located in Slijpe, at the exit of Middelkerke. “I have many loyal customers who grow with my store. But also many second homes and tourists on their way to Middelkerke-Bad. They sometimes drop in for an organic bread or a sandwich. In the meantime, they sometimes mention that they suffer from an ailment or are looking for a specific product. Then it happens that they buy the Bormo Wonder.”

Speak from experience
Lorry has known Bormo's products for more than twenty years. “Bormo Wonder, Bormo Hygiene and Bormo Shampoo are part of my range. Bormo Hygiene, for example, is a nice addition to my dermatological detergents. It is very suitable for people with irritated or dry skin. There's definitely an audience for it.
But especially the Bormo Wonder sells well. It's not hard to convince people. If you explain that it is special and that you have had good experiences with it yourself, it goes smoothly – even if it is not that cheap,” says Lorry Focquaert.
In the meantime, the Vitae Sanae manager has already built up a loyal audience for Bormo Wonder among her clients. “Everyone knows that white jar with green letters. It is precisely that which exudes quality. I'd be sad if they changed that. Then Bormo Wonder would lose its cachet, I think”.

For minor and major skin problems

When she talks about how Bormo Wonder works, Lorry really gets going: “It works well for skin problems, even for people who have already tried everything. It keeps the skin supple. It works well on fissures. Also with babies, in folds. I know you can also apply Bormo Wonder internally, but I only use them externally. That works well and you don't need much of it. You should not apply the ointment in a thick layer.
I can only tell about my experiences with the power contained in that ointment. I myself have already solved various problems with Bormo Wonder, such as an eczema that even a dermatologist couldn't get rid of. I have also had great results when caring for someone with a pressure ulcer on the back. Yes, with Bormo Wonder you can also close a wound caused by itching and friction. You will see an effect quickly. You see it improving every day,” says Lorry Focquaert, who keeps several jars in stock at home so she always has one at hand.

energy products
Lorry calls herself sober and keeps his feet on the ground, but does say: “You have to believe in that ointment. There is something energetic in Bormo Wonder. I don't know how to say that. Believing in it is half the battle. I also feel that in my work. If you believe it's good, it will sell itself. It will work.”
“The fact that the ointment has been around for a long time is also an asset,” she says. “Whoever has had it, buys it again and again. It is a product that lasts a long time – not like some tube that is empty after fourteen days.”

Against hair loss

Lorry Focquaert also has returning customers for Bormo Shampoo. “The rosemary in that shampoo makes the hair shine – ideal for women with long hair. There are also many men who are afraid of losing their hair or becoming bald, who buy this shampoo because Bormo Shampoo prevents hair loss. It is very natural, does not stick and has a wonderful perfume. When you wash your hair with it in the bath, the whole body enjoys it.”

Appearance and reliability

The fact that Bormo Shampoo is not cheap is no problem for Lorry. “It may be an expensive bottle, but you can be very economical with it because you only need a little of it per wash. Bormo Shampoo comes in a glass bottle. That's no problem. I am always very careful with it. I don't just put that on the edge of the bath. The dark brown glass bottle exudes quality. The same product in a large plastic bottle would not be the same. I would find that a mockery of the shampoo.”
The fact that there is no extensive ingredient list on the bottle is no problem for Lorry. “I don't know the exact composition. I always refer people who want to know to the manufacturer. The phone number is on every jar and bottle.”

​“The picture is correct”

The telephone number is that of Ludwig Borms and that is forwarded to Lieve Capoen, who has taken over the business and life's work of Ludwig Borms and thus ensures the continuity of Bormo. Lorry Focquaert says: “It has always been a pleasure to do business with Ludwig Borms. He has now left Bormo to Lieve Cappoen from Ypres. I had confidence in her during the takeover. They share the same philosophy. I felt that immediately. The picture is correct. That is only good.”

<Customer testimonial Kathleen (BioQuattro)

“Bormo Hygiene is highly recommended for people with pets”

BioQuattro is a business in natural products in Knokke. Business manager Kathleen has been using Bormo's products for many years and therefore finds it easy to get her clients excited about them as well. “They are well worth their price. Anyone who uses Bormo will buy it again.”

More than 15 years ago, Kathleen took over an existing store in natural products in the Lippenslaan in Knokke. The passionate lady transformed the business into BioQuattro where people come for the wide range of nutritional supplements, organic food, essential oil, maintenance products and soaps, honey, candles... BioQuattro chooses well-known organic brands. Bormo products are also available in the organic store and in the BioQuattro online shop. Logical, because Kathleen, like Bormo, strongly believes in the healing power of nature. “My customers come here for good, natural products that work,” she says. “For example, they don't want cortisone or products with perfume. They do want Bormo's products.”

Brand awareness

At BioQuattro, customers will find Bormo Wonder, Bormo Hygiene, Bormo Shampoo and Bormo Haarglans. “Those products were already here when I took over the business. Bormo Wonder, Bormo Hygiene and Bormo Shampoo sell the best. Once people know the products, they are sold. I also use Bormo myself and I am very satisfied with it.”
Although Bormo already enjoys a reasonable reputation, there are still many people who are not yet familiar with the brand, Kathleen finds. “We occasionally put the products in the spotlight to make them stand out in the store. For example, we put them in the shop window or we make a promotional campaign around it.”

For young and old

The bestseller Bormo Wonder is recommended in BioQuattro for everyone. “For those with sensitive skin, people with chapped skin, psoriasis and itching, dry hands and cracks in the winter… Young and old use it. The positive thing is that you can use a jar for a long time. You don't need to apply much of it.
A while ago came across a woman here who suffered from eczema. She had already tried everything. I suggested the Bormo ointment to her. She was super content. Since then she has already come to get several jars that she now also uses as 'bottom ointment' for her grandchild.

For the dog

What Kathleen also faithfully uses herself is Bormo Hygiene. “To clean the bath, to polish, to clean the garbage can… For general use, actually. I also use Bormo Hygiene to wash my dog. I notice a clear difference with other products. My dog ​​is now much less itchy and his hair is really soft after a wash. Since Bormo Hygiene does not contain perfume, he can lick it. The fact that it is perfume-free is important for use in animals.”

Not much needed
There is a lot of demand for Bormo Hygiene, according to BioQuattro: “A shop in the neighborhood buys 20 liter water bottles from me for all uses. We sell Bormo Hygiene in fewer quantities, but we really sell the smaller bottles en masse. I have a customer who comes to collect eight at a time. Really,” says Kathleen, who thinks that a dosable cap would be good. “My mother's cleaning lady, for example, is very lavish with Bormo Hygiene. That is not the intention, of course. It is also too expensive for that. It is a pricey cleaning product, but well worth the price.”

For hair and skin problems
Bormo Shampoo also goes smoothly over the counter of BioQuattro. “I have to praise Bormo Shampoo, but it is highly recommended for people who suffer from all kinds of hair and skin problems. People with psoriasis, hair loss, brittle hair, sensitive skin, who have undergone chemotherapy… I recommend Bormo Shampoo. I use that shampoo myself. The only downside, I think, is the glass bottle. A bottle with a pump is more practical in the shower.”

New breeze
Kathleen has always had a good relationship with Ludwig Borms and now with Lieve Capoen. The transition went smoothly. “No, I was not afraid when I heard about the takeover. It brings life to the brewery. Perhaps the packaging will be renewed or something, but the Bormo formula will remain the same. That's the most important thing because they are good products. Perhaps the Bormo products will now receive an organic label. That would be good”, concludes the BioQuattro manager.