I help people with pure products that are good for them and their environment

I help people with pure products that are good for them and their environment

“As an entrepreneur, I only want to offer products that I support”
I already knew that when I was manager of our business specializing in electrical equipment and lighting. That was also the case when I took over Bormo from Ludwig Borms in the fall of 2022.

I'm curious. Curious too. I like to know how something is made. Especially when it comes to something I offer. I have to be completely convinced myself.

My decision to take over Bormo was a logical step as an entrepreneur
For many years I have been interested in the power of plants and nature. That is why I trained as a herbalist and I knew: “I want to continue in that direction”.

I was looking for something I could stand behind with full conviction. I didn't go ice cream overnight. When I heard that the Bormo line is still made artisanally, in Belgium and through a warm production process, I was immediately interested. It fitted in nicely with my scientific background.

Delicate ingredients that deserve the utmost care
Bormo relies on the power of plants and herbs. That requires no industrial process or aggressive processing with mixers. That is what the founder of Bormo stood for. I have adopted his gentle, traditional way of working.

The production process of the Bormo products takes place in wooden barrels. Since wood is chemically neutral it does not interfere with the natural ingredients. The qualities and energy are therefore preserved.

The Bormo products work. And not only the production process contributes to this. The position of the moon and the condition of the producer are also important. If I am tired or under stress, I will not produce or fill. Because yes: the entire process is done manually. From mixing the ingredients to washing the glass bottles again – with Bormo Hygiene, of course – to reuse them.
My mission with Bormo
To take good care of yourself and your environment, it is necessary to choose the very best. Pure products that have proven their quality and strength for many years.

It's nice to see how many people use Bormo today. There are not only loyal users of Bormo in Belgium, but also in the Netherlands, France, Germany, Switzerland... I get warm from messages from people who tell me how happy they are with the Bormo products.

That encourages me to dedicate myself every day with full enthusiasm and pleasure for Bormo and the people who use the products. Because yes: you can always send me a message and ask questions.



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