The secret of Ludwig Borms

On the Rhytm of  nature

Leaving the life forces of plants intact and allowing them to work: that was always the intention of Ludwig Borms, the man who brought the Bormo products into the world as they are today. There is a reason why people are so enthusiastic about Bormo. They are all products with an extra dimension. Find out why below.

Bormo is a Belgian brand with plant-based cosmetic and hygiene products. For over 70 years. In 1951, Ludwig Borms' father founded a natural medicine company. So little Ludwig came into contact with natural products very early on. When he was fourteen his father introduced him to the world of homeopathy. He later trained in homeopathy in Switzerland for seven years. He did so as a free student because the diploma was not recognised. Before he can finish his education there, he is forced to return to Belgium to take over his father's business. He did that in his own way. For example, he could not agree with machine production. "I didn't feel good about making the products with such a 'cold' energy," he says. “My method of preparation is aimed at leaving the life forces of the plants intact. In this way they encourage the body to activate its own healing effect. I also work with the rhythm of nature,” says the founder of Rhytmic Energy.  

Ludwig Borms uses his thorough knowledge to help people. For example, Ludwig Borms is the founder and chairman of the European AnthroMedical Hospital Foundation. On their website ( the mission of this foundation is described as: “Collecting, developing and innovating knowledge in the field of anthroposophical healthcare.” Furthermore, it wants to “promote medicine and obstetrics in accordance with the spiritual heritage of Rudolf Steiner, Austrian philosopher and Dr Med. Ita Wegman, following in the footsteps of existing hospitals in Germany and Switzerland, among others.” In an interview with the Weleda Artsenforum in the fall of 2009, Ludwig Borms talks about his plans for an anthroposophical hospital where he also wants to create a healthy environment.

Life Forces of the Cosmos
Ludwig Borms has a special interest in the life forces that emanate from the cosmos and that people absorb through the plant world. He has always made it a point to prepare the products of the Bormo brand in an artisanal way in his workshop in Moorsel, near Aalst. “My activities require a serene environment,” he says. The products are composed in a rhythmic way in collaboration with nature and people. For example, he postponed production when he felt tired or stressed.
“I have always been impressed by Rudolf Steiner's point of view. I wanted to bring that into my products. As a result, I have been able to give my products that special effect,” says Ludwig Borms.Antroposofie 


Conversation with the body
Ludwig Borms sees the effect of the Bormo products as a conversation with the body. “Our body responds to this by only absorbing the substances it needs at that time. As a result, there are no side effects,” he says.
He says about Bormo Wonder: “The care cream is actually a pure energy that creates a mirror image of one's own vital body when rubbed into the skin. No more is absorbed than the body needs”.

Tangible energy
The users feel that positive effect. For example, Patrick Demets of De Papaver Bio in Ypres testifies that he feels “a different person” after a shower with Bormo Hygiene and that the energy field in a room is cleaned by spraying Morgenrood.
This energetic effect can be found in all Bormo products. The former manager of De Papaver, Brigitte Persyn, experiences this energetic effect. “If you have rubbed Bormo Miracle Salve on your body, you have energized that place. I learned from Ludwig Borms that the last rubbing movement you make when rubbing in should always be away from the wound or irritated area because that way you remove the harm.”

The Bormo philosophy remains
In 2022, Ludwig Borms left his life's work. In the search for a suitable buyer, he did not take any chances. He found that person in Lieve Capoen in Ypres. Or as he himself says: “She entered the business with passion and wanted to continue working and expanding in the same way as I have always wanted to do. My work will be continued in a healthy way.”
So all users and fans of Bormo's products can rest easy.

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