Your complete first aid kit in one jar

Fire red baby buttocks. A scrape. Bruising. Dry hands. Gorges. An itchy, pulling skin in winter. An annoying mouth ulcer... Since the skin is our largest organ, we all suffer from it sometimes.

You know it: scratching doesn't make the itch and irritation go away. Not by rubbing the wrong products on it either. On the contrary. That only makes the skin problem worse. And if your skin is really damaged or if the rash (e.g. eczema) is really striking, then you prefer to hide your skin under a layer of clothing. You may then stop doing activities – such as swimming, going to the beach or the sauna – because you don't want other people to check or stare at you.

Bormo Wonder literally makes you feel good about yourself again.

With Bormo Wonder you can quickly and effectively get rid of skin problems. The great force of nature activates the skin and encourages it to absorb the ingredients it needs.

That is why Bormo Wonder is suitable for many purposes:
- for bruises, abrasions, irritated skin, itching, dry lips
- with winter gorges and gray skin
- with annoying calluses and thickening of the skin

In addition, Bormo Wonder helps:
- keep your skin young and healthy and therefore it is a great day and night cream
- take care of your feet and hands
- protect your skin when sunbathing and tanning beds
- make the skin around your nails more supple and regenerate
- make your nails stronger so that they get a deeper shine

Bormo Wonder also offers a solution for sensitive skin:
- in pre- and post-natal care: for supple skin during pregnancy and to prevent painful fissures when breastfeeding
- for gum care or for the inconveniences that dentures can entail
- for intimate care

And we're not even talking about this yet:

- Bormo Wonder is 'gnome ointment' for the care of babies and children
- Bormo Wonder is beneficial for energetic massages and nurturing massages to make feet and lower legs feel lighter and therefore a better night's sleep.

In short:
This is a real bestseller from the Bormo range. Anyone who has tried this special pomade will return again and again to stock up. Several pots of Bormo Wonder in one household are no exception. Those responsible for organic businesses are adamant: “Everyone should have such a jar nearby.”

Bormo Wonder is a clean, odour, taste and stain free pomade that is safe for the whole family. If Bormo Wonder ends up in the stomach, this is not a problem.

Also get Bormo Wonder at home. Then you always have your first aid for skin problems at hand.

Bormo Wonder is available in 50 ml porcelain jar