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You've heard about Bormo's natural products. You may have already seen the products in a health food store or organic store in your area. But maybe you're still in doubt. Because you haven't seen any real commercials about Bormo yet and you don't know any people who already use it. Discover in this article what users say about the operation and effect.

Bormo's Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/bormoproducten had only just been online and therefore had few followers before the first positive reactions came. Helena was happy to discover that the ointment still exists. “Could I order the Bormo ointment from you? I am looking for a store or someone who sells there,” she asked.

Distribution points
If you send a message with your zip code, we will also be happy to let you know who the distributor is in your area. Then you will also receive advice and custom tips from a professional. As you can also see on the website, there are many health food stores, organic shops and health people who distribute Bormo's range. Because you don't need a lot to experience the proper functioning of the will, you don't need a new jar, bottle or packaging every time.

Loyal fans
There are people at home and abroad who have had their permanent distribution point for years. For example, Jocelyn. She says about Bormo Wonder: “Blissful ointment. That green special color. Really effective.”
Bormo Wonder works well for various ailments and problems. Nick can relate to that. She accidentally discovered our Facebook page and wrote how she, her daughter and her grandchildren benefit from Bormo Wonder. She writes: “I've had that Bormowonder for years. Doesn't sting. Grandkids call it a wonder ointment. Daughter says this is the only thing that helps her chapped hands. So top product. I wanted to let you know. Now see that shampoo exists. Keep me busy with putting healthy things on my body.”
Or as Erwin puts it: “Always a potteke in the house. It replaces hundreds of ointments from the pharmacist”.

Brand of trust
People who are looking for pure natural products, traditional care products or biodynamic products based on vegetable ingredients will also find Bormo. Users share their experiences in various places online. For example, a lady who has been using Bormo Wonder for forty years calls it an 'all-rounder'. "You can't imagine how it helps," she says.
The fact that Bormo has existed for decades is a reason for many people to choose the brand. It creates trust. It is also a reason for owners of health food stores to include the range in their range.
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Share and comment
By the way, our distributors are proud of Bormo and are more than happy to share our posts on their own company page, which also generates reactions there. They are also enthusiastic at Herteleer Natuurbakkerij, for example: "Bormo Wonder: and that's what it is, a miracle cream" is what they say there.
“The best there is”, Danny responded to the shared message from hairdresser Mireille who sells Bormo to her customers. Because it is indeed not only organic shops that offer Bormo for sale to their customers. Hairdresser Mireille, for example, calls the Bormo Shampoo a "very good alternative" to regular shampoo. “It is Belgian, organic, vegan, without silicones and parabens and refillable. Many non-hairdresser customers also buy it here,” she says.

And you?
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