A (too) hot hair dryer. Little sunlight. Stress... Your hair has to endure a lot. If you're not doing so well, it shows in your hair. Because your hair is the barometer of your well-being. Your central nervous system has an influence on the health of your hair. You've probably heard of someone who went completely gray after a traumatic event. So it is important to take good care of your hair.

With the pure Bormo Shampoo you give your hair what it needs.

Bormo Shampoo is not just 'a' shampoo. It is a 100% natural shampoo based on lavender and rosemary specially prepared in large 180 liter wooden barrels.

Hair loss, dandruff, broken hair, split ends, dull hair, dry or very oily hair: this energetic and biodynamic shampoo repairs and nourishes your hair. It stimulates blood circulation, relaxes the scalp and has a strong revitalizing effect – also on the sebaceous glands and hair roots.

You no longer have to envy stars with a healthy, full head of hair. Bormo Shampoo gives your hair volume and a beautiful, natural shine so that you can happily admire your own hair in the mirror.

Bormo Shampoo is suitable for daily use and for all hair types - including yours.

Do you have dry hair or suffer from hair loss? Then dissolve an amount of Bormo Shampoo in water and wash your hair gently with the fingertips. Do the same if you use Bormo Shampoo to wash children's hair.

Do you suffer from oily hair? Then let the Bormo Shampoo foam work for five minutes and then rinse with warm water. Repeat the treatment and rinse with lukewarm water.
Bormo Shampoo is available in glass bottles of 500ml and 1000ml