Bormo-Hygiene has a very purifying effect, is odourless, environmentally friendly and economical in use. It is a hygienic cleanser suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. This product has a soothing effect in foot baths and baths.
Add two to three caps of Bormo-Hygiene to your bath water: your skin will become pure, young and soft, and you will no longer experience an unpleasant feeling of itching, tingling or red spots after bathing. When used in the shower, Bormo Hygiene has a refreshing and stimulating effect. This purifying agent is also particularly recommended for bathing children. Even if your baby drinks the bath water, don't worry.
Experience has taught us that Bormo-Hygiene can be used for many purposes. Feel free to rinse your fruit and vegetables with it: they are cleaned of insect remains and harmful substances and taste better.

As a rinse aid in the dishwasher or as a detergent for dishes, it gives your crockery a beautiful shine. In addition, this product does not leave a harmful film or unpleasant odor, so that the taste and quality of food and drink is not disturbed. Mixed undiluted with soil, you can easily remove scorching and rust from pans.
Bormo-Hygiene keeps dentures clean.
Leather is cleaned and nourished. Gold, silver and porcelain become more beautiful and the color of precious stones and minerals deeper.
As a cleaning product it gives surprising results: your car looks like new, your marble floor is finally clean and shiny and your windows become clear and even vapor-free with an extra service. In addition, your hands stay nice and soft during cleaning.
Bormo-Hygiene softens and relaxes delicates, washes baby clothes safely and gives wool sweaters their resilience back. In addition, the colors are not affected.
Shirt collars, carpets and curtains are also impeccably clean. You can apply Bormo-Hygiene undiluted to wine and grease stains, then they will easily disappear when washing.
Indoor plants are effortlessly cleaned of dust and are given more freedom to breathe. This product can also be used for animal hygiene.